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Do you want to replicate Automatic Profitable Systems?

In YAtrading we have a wide range of 100% automatic trading systems, which operate on index futures and commodities, allowing operations in bullish and bearish positions, as they are financial derivatives.

The investment strategies used can contemplate both trend and anti-trend markets, with intraday or continuous operations.

The results are audited and monitored by external companies that have more than 10 years of experience in the trading sector.


Do you want to create your own portfolio with Automated Trading Systems?

Thanks to our portfolio creation platform you can combine the automatic systems you want and obtain a complete and detailed statistics of the total results, broken down by specific periods of time, profit graphs, intermediate drawdowns, combination earnings, dates of the worst series of losses and much more.

In turn may see the existing correlation between automatic systems in an agile and simple way.

Examples of system portfolios for different capitals!

All our automated systems are designed with the latest technologies with a real and objective optimization thus achieving a stable behavior over time and not being affected by possible changes in markets, trends, volatility… etc.

We offer you our trading strategy programming service, be it an institution or an individual, so that you can advance in your trading operations.

You will be able to respect the executions of your trading strategy in a reliable way, and so you can correctly evaluate the statistics shown in the operations carried out.

Our programming team is specialized in the development of algorithms in the main trading platforms of the market.

The programming of the strategy will allow you to obtain a custom trading algorithm, developed in a totally confidential way.


We offer both institutions and individuals our 360º services to improve their results in trading operations.

We have automated trading systems which operate in different markets through brokers worldwide



A world of possibilities to succeed in trading and beat the market with Automatic Trading and Quantitative Algorithms



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