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We offer both to institutions and individual investors, profitable automated systems with the aim to improve their performance in trading operations.

We have  automated trading systems which operate in different markets through brokers worldwide


Trading Systems


¿What is an Automated Trading System?

An automated trading system is an  automated investment strategy  based on a set of mathematical rules which provide a series of buying and selling signals on a market. These properly programmed signals run automatically automatically providing us essential advantages.


  • 100% Respect to the investment strategy
  • Eliminate the psychological factor at the execution

  • Diversify markets and strategies

  • Operate 24/7

  • Full control to maximize profits and reduce losses

  • Evaluation and continous fitting to the market

  • Detailed statistics and quantification of results

Strengths of our systems

  • Robust systems with very selective entries

  • Great race earnings with adjusted stop loss

  • High mathematical expectancy in number of good decisions

  • Very good Profit Factor and Sharpe Ratio

  • Drawdowns reducidos respecto a los subyacentes
  • Periodic analysis of results

  • Study and adjustments of the trading algorithms

Oustanding automated trading systems March 2018!


 All our automated systems are designed with the latest technologies with a real and objective optimization thus achieving a stable behavior over time and not being affected by possible changes in markets, trends, volatility… etc.